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When you need to prevent water from entering a work area, we can provide a cofferdam to protect your work area as well as your employees. State Certified Marine Contractors with Worker’s Compensation and General Liability Insurance including the Federal USL&H insurance required for marine construction work. We can provide and install all types of sheet piling including concrete, steel sheeting, fiberglass and vinyl sheet piling for a cofferdam system.


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We cover all of Central Florida and are members of the prestigious Florida Marine Contractor’s Association. Rick Fender is the Contractor of Record for Fender Marine Constructrion and was the Founding President of the FMCA.


What We Provide


Cofferdams are enclosures built across or within bodies of water that can pump water out of the enclosed area. The main purpose of a cofferdam is to dry out a part of a lake or river. So construction can take place on the land of this area. Commonly used to clear space to repair bridges, piers, oil platforms and other structures that are used in marine settings. Therefore cofferdams are very important in the construction world. Once the work is complete, the final step is removing the enclosure, so the area can be filled with water.


If you need to clear the water out of part of a lake or other body of water in Orlando, FL as part of a construction project, contact us to learn more about how cofferdams can get the job done.


At Fender Marine Construction, one of the services we offer is the installation of cofferdams. We can also perform the repair work on various marine structures and will clean up the area when the project is complete. We offer this to those with waterfront properties in or near Orlando, Florida. With several lakes located nearby, this is a common need for residents as well as commercial vendors.


If you have questions or concerns about cofferdams, feel free to give us a call at Fender Marine Construction. We have a team of experienced employees who can answer your questions and help draw up a plan for your repair work. We will work hard to make sure that you are satisfied with the completed repair project and removal of the water. Customer service is an important aspect of our business!


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No matter the job, we will always provide our professional services to our customers. We are here for our customers and will answer there calls no matter the time of the day…emergency or a minor job, we will be there. We will always put our customers first and give them what they deserve, a company that will suite there needs no matter what. In the cases of emergencies, we will make sure we are there directly and in a timely fashion.

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Found the number on Google, one call and there were on there way! Fender Marine Construction showed up gave a decent estimate and completed the work in a professional and timely manner.
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Excellent customer service and a job well done. Fender Marine!!!!
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The office staff was extremely helpful and customer oriented. I couldn't have asked for a better experience. I'd recommend Fender Marine Construction to anyone.
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